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Monday, December 10, 2012

Flat Gingy's Weekend Adventure

This weekend Flat Gingy was busy.  He visited Grandma, went to the play Madeline's Christmas at Stages Theatre in Hopkins, Frosted cookies, celebrated baby Jesus' birthday at church group, made blankets for children in need, played outside in the snow, watched football, and played games with our Elf on the Shelf. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Flat Gingy Adventures

Today we made the gingerbread man's brother/sister (Gingy).  For the next week your first grader will be taking your Gingy on adventure.  Please return your adventure record (the WS) and your flat Gingy by Thursday, Dec. 13th.  We will be sharing the adventures our flat Gingy's go on.  I have included a photo of the assignment here for a reference.  Please let me know if you have questions.

Adventure Record-

Here is a picture of my son taking his Flat Gingy for a ride in the car.  They are enjoying a bowl of popcorn before heading in to wait for his sister's piano lesson.  Stay tuned, I will add pictures of the other adventures he takes this weekend.  Thanks TW for this fun idea! :)

Text to Text Connections

This week we also compared the stories: Oliver Button is A Sissy and Amazing Grace.  We made a venn diagram listing what the main characters from each had done in the story and what they had in common.  We also talked about how connecting two texts helps us to better understand a new story.  Take a peek at our learning and our anchor charts.

Text to Self Connections with Oliver Button

This week we read Oliver Button is A Sissy and recorded our connections to the story.  After recording our connections, we decided which connections were meaningful and helped us understand the story better.  We labeled these with H (helped us) and D (did not help us).  Take a peek at our learning.