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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Impact Academy Has a Blog Now!!!

Hi OLE families and blogging friends- Mrs. Zweber and I have been on a two year journey with 5 other dedicated teachers to create a school of choice for parents.  We are preparing to open our own school inside OLE in a few weeks.  We will have four classrooms with 110 K-3 students.  Here is a link to our new school blog:     Feel free to to take a peek as this new journey unfolds.  You can also search Impact Academy on Lakeville Area Public Schools website at , click on schools, go to Orchard Lake Elementary and scroll down on the right to Impact Academy to gain more information on what IA is.

Thanks for following this blog and enjoy the rest of your summer!
-Mrs. Sauber and Mrs. Zweber

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Have a Great Summer Room 4!!!!!

Hi First Grade Friends-
As we pack up for the summer we want to say how proud of you we are.  You each have worked very hard in first grade.  We know you are ready for second grade.  Enjoy your summer and stop back and say "Hi" to us in the fall.
                                                                                                    Mrs. S and Mrs. Z

PS--Remember to read and practice your math a little each day.

Last Day of School Fun

Our first grade friends enjoyed some Minute to Win-It Games as part of our last day of school festivities.  Take a peek below.....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Camp Read-A-Lot Pics

We have spent the last few days at Camp Read-A-Lot
We set out to find the perfect camp site.  

After finding the perfect spot (our classroom), our first grade friends set up their tents and began to read by flashlight inside the tents they built.

We had two mystery readers (Mrs. Roos-our principal and Mrs. Oxton-our learning specialist).  They read books to us and we practice the FACE strategies we learned this year.

Spring Fun Activity Day

A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this day possible!  Take a peek at a few pics from the day. :)
Watermelon Eating Contest

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Collage Portaits

We completed our last art lesson in first grade last week.  Students were asked to tear colored paper to create their faces, lips and noses.  The rest of the features were done using scissors to cut the shapes.  Check out our unique portraits!  Oh, and check out our room during collage creating and after our human vaccuum challenge!  Way to go first graders!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Poetry Sharing with Our 3rd Grade Buddies

On Friday we finished up our Poetry Unit by sharing our List Poems with Mrs. Saufferer's and Mrs. Tornell's 3rd grade class.  Thanks 3rd grade buddies for allowing us to share our poems with you.  You were a respectful aduience and asked lots of great questions.  Thanks V for helping make this a success! Take a look at a few pics from our time in 3rd grade.

Field Trip to the Landscape Arboretum

On Wednesday we were able to attend a Ready, Set, Grow program where we learned about different animal's habitats, plants and insects.  We finished up our trip up with a picnic lunch outside in the sun and a class picture.  If you have a chance to bring your child back, it is a lot of fun to walk around the Arboretum and go on the different hiking trails.  Take a peek at a few of our pics from the day.
Fun in the greenhouse and nature area

We got to see a ladybug up close under the camera

Class Trip to the Landscape Arboretum 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

Magnet Fun

Today first graders were able to explore and discover magnets.  They were given magnet bars with North and South Poles, many magnetic and non-magnetic objects and some friends to explore with.  Many students discovered so much more than I expected and it was fun to see them teaching and learning from each other.  Here are so pictures of our explorations.

Happy Mother's Day Moms

Our first graders were so proud to create Time Magazines for their moms this week.  The magazine cover story was about their mom receiving the "Mother of the Year Award".  They had so much fun creating portraits of their moms (many of which actually resembled their beautiful moms!) and wrote a story about their moms earning, receiving and celebrating the award.  Way to go first graders and Happy Mother's Day moms!

Happy Birthday Book

We celebrated CK's birthday in our class on Wednesday.  CK brought in a fun book to read to the class.  What a fun way to celebrate a student's birthday at school!

Creating Our Butterfly Life Cycle Collages

After observing and taking photos of the different stages of the butterfly life cycle, first graders were able to create their own life cycle collage on the Pic Collage app.  Here are some of their personalized collages.



Monday, May 6, 2013

Act of Kindness

Some of you may have seen the clip on Kare 11 news about the little girl name June.  She is in the hospital battling for her life.  Her parents wanted to let her know how much she is loved so they asked viewers to send June some decorated hearts to let her touch and hang up in her hospital room.  My first graders watched the clip on the news and fell in love with little June.  They spent a long time making their hearts just perfect for June.  We mailed them off and are happy to know that they are hanging up in June's hospital room cheering her up each and every day.  Check out the clip on Kare 11.

Here are our hearts we sent her way.

May Day Baskets

First Graders learned about May Day and the fun of leaving a surprise basket at someone's doorstep.  Check out some of their creations!

Math Patterns and Designs

Here are some of our recent patterns and designs during math tools creation time.



Unifix Cube Checkers Board!