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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comparing Characters

This week we have been comparing the characters in the stories we have been reading.  We used a Venn Diagram to record our findings. We talked about what the characters had in common and what differences they had.  As you are reading with your child at home, ask them to compare the characters to show you what they have learned. Happy Reading!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun

We spent our morning thinking about others.  We delivered our random acts of kindness(RAK) to the other classrooms at OLE.  It was fun to surprise the students and teachers with our cards.  After that we enjoyed ice cream sandwiches as a morning snack.  Our next RAK was for our parents.  We made our "I Love You to Pieces" craftivity.  Then we passed out valentines and thanked our friends and teachers as we opened them.  It was a fun day of putting others first.  Happy Valentine's Day first grade friends!!  
Love, Mrs. Sauber and Mrs. Zweber

Happy Birthday Clifford!

We enjoyed reading Clifford books together as a class on his birthday.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

100 Days in First Grade!

We are all 100 days smarter!  We celebrated with so many fun activities today.  Check out what  our smart cookies did on their 100th day of first grade!

The afternoon started with our 1 0 0 Day designs.  Students cut out the numbers 1, 0, 0 and used them to create a design.  There were monkeys, cats, alligators, basketball hoops, dinosaurs, monster trucks, faces and many more great ideas.  Here are their masterpieces!

Next, we rotated through our 100th Day stations.  There was a 100 Dots station where the students created a poster of 10 groups of 10 dots (otherwise known as 100)!

Our first graders also did 100 Crazy Spins.  They had to spin 100 times and record tallies on which number they landed on for each spin.  Then they counted to see how many tally marks each number had.  Finally, they had to answer some questions about their tally charts.

The toughest station was the 100 piece puzzle.  They had to work in teams, but they chose my toughest puzzle to challenge themselves with.  As each group rotated to the puzzle station, they continued where the last group left off.  The puzzle was not completed......yet!  There is always the 101st day of first grade!

The 100 Poem was a challenge for our kids.  They had to do a lot of thinking (and writing during math time!).  The poems are priceless!  Check some of them out below.



Finally, the favorite station of the day.....The 100 Cup Tower!
Our small groups worked as a team to create a tower of 100 red Solo cups!  Wow, did they worked hard to create their own original towers!  

First graders, 
We are so proud of your learning and had fun celebrating with you on your 100th Day of First Grade!
Congratulations to each of our smart cookies!
-Mrs. Sauber and Mrs. Zweber

Shape Collages

We did an art lesson on shapes and collages.  The students used many different colors and sizes of paper to cut out several shapes for their collage design.  They were very creative, but the favorite seemed to be cats!
Check out the great art work!




Place Value Pirates

Our first graders have been working on place value.  They had fun creating pirates while I used the chance to   assess their place value learning.  The students used tens (long teeth) and ones (short teeth) to create a number in the mouth of their pirate that matched the number they were assigned.  Here are a couple of photos.  I got this fun idea on another first grade blog.

Sorting Rocks and Creating Silt

Our final week exploring rocks took us through 2 experiments.  The first was using 3 screens to separate the different sizes of rocks.  We were able to find 4 different sizes in our rock mixture. The students then identified the sizes with the labels provided.  They did a great job!

The second experiment was to created silt.  We started with a sand mixture in a vial.  We added water to the sand mixture and shook it like crazy.  Then we set the shaken vials along with an unshaken vial of water and sand on a shelf over night.  The next day we observed the vials and noticed that the shaken vials had 4 layers in them (sand, silt, water and air) while the unshaken vial had only 3 layers (sand, water and air).  The students were amazed that they could create silt with sand and water!