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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CAMP READ-A-LOT and Daily 5

 Attention All Campers!!!  

As our first grade friends arrived on Monday they were squirted with bug spray (water) and hiked out into the woods (the field by the playground) to find the best place to pitch our tents.  We wanted a place were the bugs would not bite us, a place where we would stay dry, and place kind of close to the bathrooms.  As we hiked around the school, we ended up inside room 4.  This was a place where the bugs would not bother us, our books would stay dry and the sun would not burn us (and close to the bathroom and lunch room).  Take a look below to see our fun filled two days at camp.  

Pitching Tents  

Mrs. Roos-Our Principal "Our Camp Director" came and read to us.  (Listening to reading)

Each of the first graders brought in books to swap/trade so each child could take home some "new" summer reading.  As they were swapping they also enjoyed camp breakfast (donut holes and juice).

After getting new books and using our Good fit books that they had in their book boxes they had Read to Self time in their tents.

We also had a Mystery Reader (Mrs. Oxton- Our Learning Specialist).  She read to us and we were able to practice some of the reading strategies we have been learning during our FACE lessons this year.  They enjoyed the books Big Al and Going On a Bear Hunt with her.
(Listening to Reading)  

We also headed outside to do Read to Someone.  Our first grader friends brought their beach towels to sit on and enjoyed reading to each other.

We also enjoyed a scavenger hunt during our Word Work time where we reviewed some of the phonics, words their way and other grammar skills we had learned this year.

For Work on Writing we wrote postcards home to tell our families all about Camp Read-A-Lot and enjoyed freezies with our 3rd grade friends. 

We went on a math scavenger hunt outdoors.  Partners worked together to solve the numerous math questions scattered on the hill.  Wow!  This group of first graders have developed into great math thinkers!



 We wrote some campfire stories (math story problems) in our tents.  We will be able to solve each other's stories over the summer break!

At our closing ceremony each camper got an award, a new book with a bookmark, and some camp treats to take home (see below).  To end of fun time at camp we sang campfire songs and enjoyed smores around the campfire (tissue paper and cardboard).

It was time to take down our tents and head home!


Camp treats to take home.

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