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Monday, September 10, 2012

Magic Play-doh Excites New Students

First graders were introduced to a poem called Magic Play-doh  (from Pinterest).  After reading through the poem, each student was given a ball of white play dough.  They were able to knead the play dough inside a zip-lock bag.  As students were smashing and mixing the ball around, they discovered the fun surprise.....changing colors!  Some students ended up with red, some green and some blue.  They were very excited that it meant we were going to have a GREAT school year (as they read in the poem).  Read the poem and check out the pictures of some of the fun below.

Magic Play-doh
Magic Play-doh, 
Oh so white,
Make this wish with all my might.
If another color does appear, 
we're sure to have a
GREAT school year!

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