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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Little Investigators in Room 4

After discussing all of the possibilities of what we could do on a snow day earlier in the week, the students were given the following information:

Each group was given a case file with 3-4 pieces of evidence inside. They had to work together to infer what Tim and Grandma Sue did with each item during their snow day together. They worked together and I was very impressed with their inferring minds!! Here are was what the files looked like:
                                                                Case File # 1

Case File # 2

Case File # 3

Case File # 4
Case File # 5
After looking over all of our evidence, the kids inferred what Grandma Sue and Tim did on their snow day.  
                    Take a look our Timeline of Events:
       8:00am  Ate Blueberry Muffins for Breakfast
       9:00am  Played Outside
      10:00am  Drank Hot Chocolate and did Tim's Homework
      11:00am  Played a Game
      12:00pm  Ate Lunch at McDonalds
       1:00pm    Had Smarties Candy for Dessert
       2:00pm   Went to the Park for a Playdate
       3:00pm   Read a Book and had a Snack
       4:00pm   Went to a Movie 
**Thanks to secristsuperstars for this fun idea.

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