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Friday, February 24, 2012

Pop Rock Fun!

After using our descriptive minds to describe the gift bags, I decided to challenge my first grade friends.  I gave each of them some Pop Rocks.  This was very fun to watch their faces as some of them experienced the "explosion" in their mouth for the first time.  Take a look...

When they finished the "Pop Rock fun" I asked them to describe what they experienced while they ate the pop rocks.  I recorded their descriptive words on the chart below.  
(Thanks Babbling Abby-my kids LOVED this unit)

On Thursday we started our lesson on similes.  We talked about what similes are. A simile is when you compare two things using the word "like" or "as".  We used the chart above to decide if what was said yesterday was a simile or a descriptive word.  Then I asked them this question: 
The Pop Rocks exploded in my mouth like...
(Below are their answers)
On Friday we reviewed similes and descriptive words.  Then during writing they recorded their findings and added a little art to it.  
It was a "Pop Rocking Fun Week!"

Take a look at our Pop Rock Art---

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