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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Climb Theatre Visits

On Tuesday Climb Theatre came and talked with us about Self-Control.  They defined self-control as being in charge of the things you do.  They gave examples like using self control to not blurt out during class, to say excuse me when you need to pass by a friend in the classroom or hallway.  They talked with the kids about when it is the appropriate time to ask questions during a lesson and how to take responsibility for their actions by saying sorry when they forget to use their self-control.  During a situation they should use their Self-Control Steps:  Stop 2..3, Breathe 2...3 and use your Self-Control.  Take a peek below at the video that shows the kids practicing this.  They also talked with the kids about the "Line of Goodness". This is where the kids were able to tell something they liked about each friend as they walked to the line.  The kids loved hearing all the positive thoughts their friends had about them.  Thanks Climb for joining us this morning.


  1. You are such creative teachers. I like looking at your blog. Thanks for sharing the ideas you have tried in the classroom.