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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cognitively Guided Instruction-CGI Math

During CGI time in our room, the students are given a math story problem (we call them CGI stories) each day.  They began the year solving these stories in their CGI notebook, but have since graduated to the EDUCREATIONS app on the iPads.  They show me their strategies used to solve the story problem along with an equation and math mountain that matches the work they've done and finally they complete their work with a number answer and a label.  After the students solve their stories they get into their strategy groups (groups created with a combination of students who use different strategy levels) and share their work.  They get to teach the others in their group about how they solved the story.  They also get to listen to 3-5 other strategy work by their group members.  We have started recording our strategy work on the iPads as a stepping stone to sharing them with our families!  CGI time usually ends with a student coming up to model their hard work in front of the entire class.  Below are some video clips of our CGI time.

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