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Friday, April 13, 2012

Day with Debbie

On Thursday, April 12th I had the opportunity to attend one of my favorite literacy guru's Debbie Miller.  She is the author of Reading with Meaning-Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades.  This is a book I use almost daily. Take a look through my blog, I have referenced several lessons that have come from her book.  Throughout the day I had the chance to gather new ideas and listen to her share all of her words of wisdom with us.  She commented on a must read book for teachers and parents called MindSet by Carol Dweck-“This book is an essential read for parents, teachers, coaches, and others who are instrumental in determining a child’s mind-set, and in turn, his or her future success, as well as for those who would like to increase their own feelings of success and fulfillment.” --Library Journal  I have read this book more than once and agree with Debbie Miller.  Each time I read it, I have found a new idea to try with my students or my own children.

Debbie also talked about stepping into the story.  I tried this today with my first grade friends.  As we were reading, I would stop and say to my friends "Who would like to step into the story and give _______ words?  They would say what they thought the character was thinking.
        (character from the story)

They had fun with this and it also helped them practice their reading strategies.
(Thanks Julene and Karen for giving me the opportunity to go.)

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