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Monday, April 23, 2012

IPads Arrive-21st Century Learning Begins

What a big day for my first grade friends.  Our day began with a visit from LV's new baby brother and then usual routine of check in, shop for books and begin our first round of Daily Five.  When this round ended we began our day with a question: How can I be respectful to an IPad?  After some thinking, they wrote their responses. Take a peek..
More Thinking: do not hold it by the cover, sit with it, do not bang it, hold it with two hands, be gentle, treat it like a friend, tap on it gently, and set it down quietly

At 10:05 we got a knock on the door.  Our very important visitors had arrived with our IPads.  Some of our visitors included: Dr. Lisa Snyder- Superintendent of Lakeville Area Schools, Board Members: Judy Keliher and Roz Peterson, our principal Karen Roos, and a few other district staff members.  After showing the kids the IPads, loud cheering, and taking a few photos with our visitors, we had a chance to personally thank these visitors for their support in our 21st Century Learning.  Here are a few pictures from our time together.

                                                                                      One Last Group Shot

After our visitors left we continued our IPad discussion on how to operate one.  We talked about the home button, sliding, on, off, volume, and how to open a file.  Take a peek at us unpacking them and practicing our learning for the first time.

We ended our morning with two more rounds of Daily Five.  Take a look below at Read to Self and Word Work "21st Century Learning Style".  For the read to self round I introduced the books I had loaded onto their IPads.  They had a chance to read and interact with them.  For word work, they practiced their sight words and phonic skills through games.  This was a day of exploration and becoming familiar with the IPads.  Stayed tuned to watch more personalized learning unfold.
                  Read to Self

                  Word Work 

Today was a day that my first grade friends, Jen and I will be talking about for a long time.  We feel very blessed to be part of this journey.  

Thank You!!!!!

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