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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Non-Fiction Text Features

This last week Room 4 learned about text features.  Earlier in the week, they were exploring in their non-fiction books and came across some features that they wondered why they were in the non-fiction book and why other fiction books they were reading did not have these. This is when I decided, that over the next week I would revisit one/two text features a day that they found and help them understand this feature deeper.  As we discussed the text feature we also talked about how this feature would help a first grader reading non-fiction.                                                   Take a peek below...

Below are examples of each text feature and a short summary of what each feature is.
(Definitions from: Reading with Meaning, Debbie Miller)

Table of Contents
-helps the reader identify key topics in the book in the order they are presented.

an alphabetical list of almost everything covered in the text, with page numbers

helps the reader define words in the text

helps the reader understand where things are in the world

helps the reader understand exactly what something looks like in real life

helps the reader better understand a picture or photograph

Colored Print-
helps the reader by signaling, "Look at me! I'm important!"

Each day as we learned about a new text feature, we recorded our learning by creating a page for our book of Non-Fiction Text Features.  

Check out our book below.

A special thanks to Hope King at 2nd Grade Shenanigans for the Text Feature Book Idea

It was a fun, full week of exploring Non-Fiction Text Features. 
Way to go First Grade Friends!!! I am very proud of all your hard work!

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