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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Using Mental Images to Help Remember a Text..

Later in the week we reread City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems.  Before I read the story again I asked them to think about this question as I read the story:  What is that one image/picture that will help you remember this book?  When I finished reading the book they drew their picture/image that would help them remember what the story was about.  Then they wrote about their image/picture.  Take a look..

My image is when city dog and country frog were playing dog games. 
My image is when city dog did a froggy smile.

Happy Earth Day!!  We ended the week by repeating this lesson with the book Dear Children of the Earth- A Letter from Home by Schim Schimmel.  
Take a look below at their responses.

                 My image is when the animals are sad.
                     My picture is when she (Mother Earth) is looking in the mirror.
                     My image is when Mother Earth said take care of the animals.
                        My image is Mother Earth telling us to care for her.
(Idea from Debbie Miller Conference-MN. 4/2012)

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